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  Golf Courses / Landscaping

GeoHay has many applications on a construction site, most specifically for sediment control.

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GeoHay can be used to filter out the debris and other pollutants in the stormwater.

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GeoHay has been used to reduce heavy metals and hydrocarbons found in the runoff from industrial sites.

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GeoHay pad has been used under landscape ground cover and as a golf course bunker liner.

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Sand Trap Liner Press Release…  04/17/2014

GeoHay has developed a liner for golf course sand traps.

GeoHay used on golf course in South Carolina to reduce maintenance costs…  01/24/2014

Bunkers lined with GeoHay pads help maintain the integrity of the sand by providing controlled water flow to drainage system underneath.

GeoHay is a versatile line of water management products ranging from erosion and sediment control to storm water management.  Our products also have the capability of removing dangerous heavy metals and hydrocarbons from the stormwater.

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